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This jam session is CURATED BY INDIE ARTIST Xavier Omär

It was a chill Sunday evening when my girls were first introduced to him. Like many of our drives home this one was filled with laughter, reflections & dope music. This night was no different & my playlist was in rare-form. As "girl you're so beautiful a blind man could love you" billowed out of speakers my girls couldn't help but wonder ....... who is that.  The artist FKA SPZRKT was discovered by simple happenstance s/0 to Spotify.  Just one click & I was met with  an artistic genius who at one point was unaware of his singing capability. What started as a rap career blossomed into a love affair with R&B, Soul & Gospel mingled with everything that makes good music great. The melodious sound that emanates from his voice is captivating to say the least but his lyricism is in a caliber of its own. The construction of gratitude, love & evolution is heard in every verse. The appreciation my girls & I have developed for him is one that was dutifully earned. It is my hope that my Hey Girls will come to as well. Without further ado I introduce you to the brilliance of Xavier Omär

Blind Man

Do Not Disturb

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