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Are Silent Parties The New Wave......

Hey Girl!!!!!

Can you believe summer is already over & Fall has made its way here? I know smh. Thankfully summer 16' has been a hit for me & my  "Hey Girls". We have been getting our entire life to some of the best events our city has to offer. Yes if you haven't heard summertime chi is the place to be for all things amazing! Out of all the events I've had the opp to attend there is one that has left quite an impression on me & that is the infamous Silent Party.  Yes girl, if you haven't heard by now Silent Parties are the new wave.......(I can't believe I just said wave lol) but yes it is indeed the hottest event out right now  here's why.

  • Location- If you are anything like me & my girls then you know clubs are not the move anymore ! Think upscale lounges,outdoor gardens & rooftops. Silent Parties have upgraded the typical nightlife experience you can even find some held in the daytime to at some pretty nice venues with the perfect scenery for photo opps.

  • Hosting-  Call me old fashioned but I am a stickler for greetings,thank you's & great service when attending events regardless of the location. Welcoming patrons that have paid their hard earned money is very rare these days however Urban Fetes (the brand of events I attend) gets it done every time, s/o to the Silent Party team you all are amazing!

  • Atmosphere- If the vibe is wrong I don't want no parts! Thankfully I have had nothing but good ones all around me while attending Urban Fetes Silent Parties. From the girls in the bathroom mirror giving out compliments as they hit the Quan to  the gentlemen who allow the women to "Beyonce" in all of our Lemonade glory without touching,grabbing or disrespecting our space the atmosphere is refreshing. I attribute this element to Urban Fetes founder, Shannon Waldron who has curated a brand dedicated to young urban professionals!

  • Music- There is nothing worse than a bad DJ attempting to hype a crowd with an underwhelming playlist. In order for any party to be a hit among its audience the music has to be  "absolutely positively "on point (yes I said that in Joann the scammers voice) lol. Music is the defining factor for good times to be had ,bodies moved & energy ignited. Silent Parties have mastered the beauty of options by providing attendees a choice of three different musical vibes. Depending on who  host\brand the music will align with the theme they promote. Urban Fetes caters to its audience with jams ranging from 90's classics, House(Chicago music) & the ever so lovely Gourmet Ratchet:-) (one simply cannot knuck if she is not buck)!

  •  Fresh- If you are tired of being sick & tired of never having anything "new" to do then the Silent Party is for you & if you are always up for a cute girls night out with good vibes then the Silent Party is for you if you are a chill, laid back "Hey Girl" that doesn't mind spreading her wings solo  the Silent Party is for you as well. Prior to inviting my girls out to one in lieu of my birthday celebration I did a test run alone and it was everything! Not a beat was missed.  If this interests you drop over to the Silent Parties page for my "Hey Girl Guide & links for where you can experience for yourself!

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