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"I ain't one of the Cosby's I ain't go to Hillman" - Kanye West

Ye said it best but it never stopped any of us from wishing we were/did! I'll be 30 this yr & I'd be lying if I said neither of them had an impact on my life. Like many of you I am a stan of all things Huxtable related & that includes the matriarch herself, Clair Huxtable. She is the woman who stood along side her fictional husband; Dr. Huxtable & raised a family that we admire to this day. I am grateful to have been raised by parents who instilled many of the values Heathcliff & Clair modeled onscreen. Furthermore I am also thankful to have witnessed  the talent, that is Phylicia Rashad who played the infamous role of Clair Hanks Huxtable. Her sharp wit, beauty & philosophy was one to be reckoned with. If you didn't know by now Mrs. Huxtable invented the read! There was not one insult,lie or act of disrespect that went without a check! And, just as she was sharp, she was smart, funny & powerful! In reality there was no woman behind Clair! It was Phylicia the whole time exuding the brilliance of all our mothers. So no we may not have been one of the Cosby's nor did we attend Hillman but Clair was still mom & Phylicia Rashad is forever Melinade!

The Keys to Mrs.Phylicia's  Melinade

Family Matters
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