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Lillian's Hey Girl Travel Guide

  •  Research! Prepare for your trip by taking to time learn about your destination & its culture! This can make or break your experience. I.E Some countries have religious practices where women have to be covered. This also helps with knowing what to pack.

  • Budget! Look for travel deals on sites like Groupon.  Also, try to purchase your flight in advance, the rates typically increase the longer you wait.  If you are traveling abroad be aware of the exchange rate & if it's credit card friendly.

  •  Be Open! Travel blogs are cool but the locals know better! Get recommendations from them about hot spots & restaurants. This can also help save money & creates more of an authentic experience.

  • Travel Smart! Travel in groups of 3 if possible. Exploring in larger groups can be difficult when setting an itinerary. Pack cute but flexible. Some territories may require you to walk long distances so having a pair of sneakers is beneficial. Avoid flashy jewelry and expensive accessories because pick pocketers' do exist. Also try to avoid going out alone at night, if you do stay on well lit streets and close to your hotel.

  • Live in The Moment! Be willing to step away from your phone. There are some moments not to be captured but told instead. Trying to get the perfect shot will cause you to miss out on the experience you hoped for. I also recommend collecting art as souvenirs vs the typical (key chains, t-shirts, cups etc) . Remember that this time is about celebrating life & stepping away from all the cares you deal with in "normal" life. This is a blessing that God has given you, thank him by enjoying it!

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