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This jam session is designed by  king's 2016 ep we are king

KING released their first musical EP in 2011 as independent artists. With no features KING captured the ears of intrinsic listeners all around the universe. My introduction to their brilliance was made that year in my god sister's basement at 2:00 in the morning!!! I will never forget the feeling that swept over me as their beautiful voices drew together in an ethereal melody of smooth, crisp & effortless sound.  With no major commercial backing KING was able to master the art of a whole new Soul Sound. The trio comprised of twins Paris, Amber & musical sister Anita Bias has transcended the ideals of ingenuity by remaining true to their gifts. This year the girls or should I say KING blessed us with more of their soul kissed melodies in the form of a 12 track EP. For me personally this album has cultivated  my philosophy on love, romance&my life's  journey by simply jamming to their sounds that are curated in the key of life. KING thank you for giving us Hey Girl's these  lovely Jams to Vibe to!

in the meantime

mister chameleon

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