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This jam session is brought to you by the artist known as h.e.r

One can agree that we are living in a time where images rule & the perceptions of them currently dictate how we focus on many of today's artists. The music industry is littered with sex kittens along with overt messages of sensuality. On any given day we can scroll through our timelines and see starlets stripped down to the core with no shame. The message it sends is no longer provocative in fact it is the new form of marketing. Whoever created the  ideology of "sex sells" was a genius in their own right. However there are still a few artists left that have not bit the bait & are making their own rules. One of them is the artist know as H.E.R, an acronym for Having Everything Revealed. The irony of her moniker is everything but weak. With no physical identity to attribute to it, her listeners are groomed to "focus" on what really matters which is the music itself. I stumbled across "her"  a year ago however her music has not given way to the fallible trends that many new artists succumb to & for that I am grateful. It is also a testament of how much there is in store for her musical career. If you've never heard of H.E.R, you can thank me later!



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