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Hey Girl Daily is excited to attend this years' Prom Fantasy.

Prom Fantasy, hosted by the RH School of Performing Arts (RHSPA), is one of the most exciting teen runway modeling programs Chicago has to offer. Prom Fantasy is an intense 9 week training program for selected high school students. The program prepares students to amaze audiences as they model some of the most elegant, edgy and unique prom attire in the schools 9th annual fashion show.

This years show will be Saturday February 4th at 7pm at the DuSable Museum of African American This years host is Darlene Hill of Fox32 News. In addition to talented teen models and host Darlene Hill, Prom Fantasy 2017 will also feature local Chicagoland area stylists and designers, Tony D. Banks, Chatyl Brown, Jasmine Dean and Laurie Underwood, a contestant on Project Runway Season 14. During this production RHSPA awards select models with Mr. and Miss Congeniality Awards, a $500.00 gift certificate for a Prom Dress and Tuxedo, and academic scholarships up to $2,000!

Prom Fantasy is not your typical fashion show. Each scene is a unique fantasy that is sure to lure you into the wonderful world of prom fun! From bold colors in the presence of royalty in the House of Cards Fantasy to animal print and funky patterns in the Wild Things Fantasy, as it has in the past, it is sure to captivate audiences and leave everyone wanting more.

For tickets visit the link below


12:00 PM

December 09, 2016

Hey Girl!

Who doesn't love art? This eclectic gift of creativity allots us the ability to not only explore, it allows us to be innovators as well. This years' Harlem Fine Arts show made it's way to the windy city & my girls & I had the honor of its full experience. With such an array of intricate pieces it was hard not to give our undivided attention to the creators around us while setting our phones down. Our attentiveness paid off & we were given access into the world of Fine Art, which happened to be produced by hands that were black & gifted!

September 01, 2016

Hey Girl!

Can you believe summer is already over & fall has made its way here? I know smh. Thankfully summer 16' has been a hit for me & my Hey Girls. We have been getting our entire life to some of the best events our city has to offer. Yes if you haven't heard Summertime Chi is the place to be for all things amazing! Out of all the events I've had the opp to attend there is one that has left quite an impression on me & that is the infamous Silent Party.  Yes girl, if you haven't heard by now Silent Parties are the new wave.......

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