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"I can be a better me than anyone can"

-Diana Ross

Diana Ross is an icon!

She is arguably one of the best entertainers to hit the stage however Ms. Ross comes from humble beginnings. The 2nd oldest of six children, Diana was raised in The Brewster Housing Projects. A low income area in Detroit where black families lived in the late 50’s. At 15 she joined two of her friends as they formed a singing group, The Primettes. Their ambitions were recognized by Smokey Robinson, who was a songwriter for Hitsville USA which later became Motown. The founder & creator Berry Gordy was looking for new talent so Smokey introduced the girls to him. The trio were adolescents in his eyes so he told them to finish school first. The girls spent the next two years painstakingly watching & learning from artists at the label. Their efforts were noticed & Berry gave them the opportunity of a lifetime. The Primettes were given a record deal & were later named The Supremes! Berry Gordy made Diana the lead & soon became the face of the group. However, Diana did not possess the vocal range, physique or stage presence necessary for a Supreme. Luckily for her, Motown had an in house finishing school complete with a headmistress. Maxine Powell is credited as the source behind the glamour that Motown fans admire. Each and every talent that made their way through the label had to attend two hour lessons with Ms. Powell, M-F. Under her instruction & guidance Diana transformed into a world renown Superstar. She remained with The Supremes for a decade & went solo in 1970. Diana went on to record 25 albums while starring in films earning her an Academy Award nomination. She is now 73 yrs. old & has been in the industry for over 50 yrs. Her hair is just as luxurious’, eyes just as wide & sashay just as smooth as it was in her “prime.” Ms. Ross is undeniably The Boss when it comes to her image!

She may be a grandmother now but she is still remembered as Tracy Chambers! The vivacious & industrious young woman living in the projects of Chicago with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Mahagony broke ground as one of the first depictions of an unapologetic black woman. She was confident but vulnerable, beautiful & complex. Her wit & spitfire personality translated into empowerment for women of color to be black & proud without saying sorry!

Ms. Diana Ross you are forever melinade!

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