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This jam session is brought to you by the expressions of brik.Liam

Brik.Liam has mastered the art of authenticity!  His sound penetrates the soul of music with his raw lyrics. It also creates an appetite for a growing audience, exposed to his ability to transform a jam session into an "experience." His latest project, The Ascension LP grants listeners with lessons on jaded love, acceptance & a guided detour away from "baggage." Tracks like Jungle & Higher Part II are filled with Briks' narrative on the games people play when it comes to matters of the heart. Closer to God also sparks an internal conversation many of us have but rarely share in today's world of "social filter."  My introduction to his work came through my sister who simply said "he gets it" and after hearing his work I couldn't agree more.

Hey Girl, this is Brik.Liam

intro - gently


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